Poc Demo Web App (Full Stack)


  • Register new account (from Postman)
  • Login
  • View public resources from Web Api
  • View private/protected resources from Web Api with JWT authentication for CRUD operations
  • Mobile responsive


  • Authentication and authorization: ASP.NET Identity (JWT with role claims)
  • ASP.NET Identity tables are stored in separate database.
  • C# Web Api Services
  • EF Core - SQL Server and Sqlite tested
  • ~One week


  • HTML, CSS, Vanilla Javascript
  • Dependencies: JQuery, Bootstrap, Bootbox, Moment, DataTables, Font Awesome 5, Parsley
  • Security: JWT (with role claims) and localStorage
  • SVG animation (loading.io)
  • ~One week

Authorized User Role Matrix (Customers Page)
User Type Username Read Create Edit Delete
User alex Yes Yes No No
Admin mary Yes Yes Yes No
Manager john Yes Yes Yes Yes